Dalmatian puppies

Our puppies are born and living at our home among people and our other dogs. They are primarily sold as friends and companions. Most important thing is to get good and responsible homes to our puppies. As a breeder we aim to support our puppy buyers in all situations with a small puppy as an adult dog.

Eeva-Maija & Laura Ripatti
+385 400 539 830

Dalmatian puppies in October 2021



Assiduitas Legal Eagle

C.I.B FI & EE & LV & LT & BALT & RU CH
RKFW TLNJW-14 EEJW-14 HeW-16-19

born. 17.2.2013

black spotted male

HD A/A | ED 0/0| BAER +/+
LTV1 VA0 SP0 | Lemon-free | ARDS-free

Assiduitas Legal Eagle


Holmankarin Words of Love


born 13.12.2016

liver spotted female

HD A/A | ED 0/0 | BAER +/-
LTV0 SP0 VA0 | Complete dentition

Holmankarin Words of Love